Singapore and Annette Edmondson

20 Jun, 2015

Singapore members enjoyed a Vodafone presented ‘Breakfast with The Bunch’ recently with ‘advanced technology kit’ in action courtesy of Chris Reynolds from Champion System. The three hour monsoon didn’t phase Chris in kit at all! Rides were cut short to keep all safe and together, with 36 of our most ‘waterproof’ members defiantly rolling out for a social 45 minute ride, lead by one of our favourite Ambassadors, Annette Edmondson of Wiggle Honda.

As each table buzzed with conversation, Peter Bocquet, Vodafone Global Enterprise’s Head of Unified Communications, AMAP, and Anupam Sahay of Oliver Wyman, shared a number of strategic insights on the topic of IOT and Interconnectedness. Our 3 take aways being:

  • The world around us is changing at a faster pace than ever. To stay ahead you have to adapt your business and embrace new ways of working. Being mobile and connected has never been so critical.
  • Technology & social media is blurring the boundaries between our personal and work lives presenting new challenges and opportunities to compete.
  • Big data and the level of information available presents a new opportunity to challenge traditional business models and accelerate time to market.

Once again, our own National, Commonwealth and World Champion, Netti Edmondson captivated the room with her open and honest approach to her journey so far. At only 23 years of age this is a journey for us all to watch, support and perhaps just be a little inspired, next time you hear the rain outside your window first thing in the morning!


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