ICE Steering Council – APAC

30 May, 2015

International Cycling Executives (ICE) recently launched it’s unique community for senior business leaders in Singapore, as part of a strategic growth plan to expand the model across Asia, Europe and North America.

With a number of global organisations securing partnerships to support this healthy and authentic relationship platform and a new regional Steering Council guiding the local model, ICE CEO Ryan O’Neill commented: “To me Singapore is the first choice when considering where to begin activating our vision of healthy, connected business leaders in Asia”.

Heading up ICE’s Steering Council is recently appointed Vodafone President for Asia, Ben Elms. “Sharing our vision of a more personal platform to create connections, Ben has an innate sense of  how people should be connected to achieve beneficial business outcomes” O’Neill commented.

As the local Head of the Steering Council, Elms’ first task is to establish a group of senior executive peers, passionate about ICE’s approach. This group will assist the ICE team and recently appointed Head of Engagement, Nyree McCoy on member and partner engagement initiatives.

On the topic of utilising a Steering Council model O’Neill said “We are incredibly fortunate to have the support of so many influential people, all generous enough to offer their time and effort to evolve our model to suit their local community”. Asked if this is a new approach for the organisation O’Neill commented: “Not at all, our Melbourne Steering Council has been an extremely successful and rewarding initiative and has directly led to the creation of a Steering Council in Sydney and now Singapore”.

International Cycling Executives is a unique and exclusive relationship platform for senior business executive, activated through an interest in a healthier, more authentic way to connect.


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