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ICE is a community founded on a quality peer group of executives that share a passion for cycling. Our goal is to bring together and craft experiences for people with a specific corporate profile so they can positively support and leverage one another in a trusted environment.

This community is highly engaged, personally motivated, and leading businesses through rapid change!

In our hub locations we run our signature premium in-person Breakfast With The Bunch sessions which include on-the-bike (rides) plus off-the-bike connection activity. Connect during your ride and then continue over seated breakfast to experience thought leadership, inspirational and motivational formal presentations and ‘in conversation’ style panel discussions. Current hub locations are: Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. Finally, we run smaller Social Spins, to connect members on a more intimate level. These can be ‘by-invitation only’ or open events, available to Individual or Business members.

Membership types are shown below with criteria to guide you with your selection. Membership is billed annually and reviewed on anniversary for eligibility and continuity.

Individual Membership Criteria

Your membership application and continued membership is evaluated on the corporate profile you hold and shared interest in cycling.

Please explore our requirements below.

Individual Membership:

  • Your role does not include sales or business development whereby your primary purpose would be selling services;
  • Your company has 100+ employees;
  • You are involved in strategic decision making within the organisation;
  • Role: President, CEO, CXO, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Managing Director, Head of, Executive General Manager or Equivalent title, Non-Executive Director;
  • You are responsible for medium/large teams;
  • If you are transitioning to a new role, and therefore on ‘Cycling Leave’ (as we like to call it!) you can still apply if your most recent role meets the criteria.

The Individual Membership provides access to all bespoke and in-person networking events across all active ICE Communities and our supported member journey programme for creating and maintaining connections.

For those not living in an active ICE hub (currently Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia) there is an ‘out of area’ membership option.

Apply now to join our waiting list and our team will get in touch within 2 business days.

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Business Membership Criteria

If your corporate profile does not suit the requirements above, you can still be part of the community as a Business Member.

Business Membership:

  • You are in a senior sales or consulting role in a small to large organisation;
  • You are a senior executive/leadership team member in a smaller organisation whereby ICE would be a great way to build relationships to grow your business.

Business Memberships are strictly limited per active ICE hub.

Apply for Business Membership and join our waiting list. Our team will get in touch within 2 business days.

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Become a partner

Understanding mutual benefits for members – and engaging the right partners, our unique approach has supported major Australian and global brands. 

Become a preferred and trusted advisor from relationships founded in authenticity and developed via a shared interest. Partnerships range from community level right through to digital and event/asset specific options.

The choice is also available to unlock reduced rates to partnership / event engagement elements when two or more business memberships are secured. Email our team to learn more.

Watch the video on ICE Partnerships to learn more.


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