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Deep. Lasting. Real relationships.

Meet the ice community

We’re like-minded senior executives connecting over a shared passion for cycling.

The active network for influential people.

A safe place to freely share and exchange ideas, to grow both personally and professionally.

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move extraordinary people forward.

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is for our members



We are a community of committed and active members. Our focus is ‘member first’. We will deliver support to, and seek support from each and every individual involved.



Provide a community platform through technology, events and experiences to accelerate member connections on a local, regional and international scale.



Establish a culture of openly sharing knowledge and learnings across professional and personal profiles.

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It’s a cycle of infinite return

Our social capital loop

Our Social Capital Loop

  • 1 Connecting & getting fit all before 9am
  • 2 Building real relationships based on common interests
  • 3 A "safe" environment in which to share
  • 4 Doing business with peers
  • 5 Being part of something sustainable
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We value...

Mutual Respect

We’re only part of this because we’re passionate about it.
Everyone’s opinion matters.

Perfect Execution

Success is connecting all the dots that others never see. Every time.

Staying Inspired

We’re constantly creating new ways for people to build real relationships and accelerate connections.

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