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Adapt... and do it fast!

COVID hit. What now? In season one we discuss various elements of how we reacted to such sudden change. We talk to key leaders about how they quickly reacted, the response from consumers, a disrupted and distributed workforce and how we keep our organisations safe during this time.

On the bike we chatted with Mark Renshaw, Sarah Roy and Tayler Wiles.

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The Future of...

Over five episodes in Series Two we discuss what the future might look like when it comes to sport, cycling in particular, work, property and what lessons from the past can help us make informed decisions about the future.

On the bike we chat with George Hincapie, Michael Rogers, Annemiek van Vleuten, and Team Tibco.

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The digital workplace

We talk to experts on “What is a digital workplace” and delve into more detail on what strategy needs to be in place to roll out a digital workplace plan, the human connection and will the lack of human connection will be the biggest challenge to the adoption of the digital workplace and finally we’ll take a closer look at compliance and risk.

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Special editions

During our intermission sessions we talk with special personalities within our community and hear their personal and professional journeys. The first one is a fantastic and raw conversation with ICE member Cameron Schwab.

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Supporting content from our partners

Your resource centre of partner content shared around the ICE Breaker Seasons and episodes.

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