ICE Breaker – Season 01 | 2020

Adapt... and do it fast!

With the explosion of COVID-19 the entire world suddenly had to adapt – and fast – to a ‘new normal’. Here at ICE we pivoted quickly to ensure our community would stay connected and our first ever Digital with the Bunch event was launched… so we ‘Ride-On’ together! Check out what ICE BREAKER – Season 01 (vimeo and podcasts) delivered!

HOLY S%!T - What now?

Season 01 – Episode 01

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Listen: Podcast-Ride#1 (Mark Renshaw)
Listen: Podcast-Business Conversation

COVID-19 becomes very real, so we quickly asked key leaders what are they experiencing right now?Facilitated by Paul Anderson – CEO Ten & EVP ViacomCBS, in conversation with: David Lloyd – Head of Strategy, Qantas; David Burns – Group Executive Global Business Services, Telstra and Michael Schneider – Managing Director, Bunnings.

Consumer Response & Revolution

Season 01 – Episode 02

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Listen: Podcast-Ride#1 not available
Listen: Podcast-Business Conversation

Week two, we asked: How are we navigating and innovating for the consumer? Facilitated by Ag Giramondo – GM Industry Relations,, in conversation with: Nicole Stanners – Marketing Director, ANZ, Campari GroupMatthew Durbin – Group CFO, Accent Group; and Henry Ruiz – Group Chief Strategy Officer & CEO ASIA, REA Group.

Disrupted & Distributed Workforce

Season 01 – Episode 03

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Listen: Podcast-Ride#1 (Sarah Roy)
Listen: Podcast-Ride#2 (Tiffany Cromwell)
Listen: Podcast-Business Conversation

Week three we asked: How does working from home really work? Facilitated by: Ben Cox – Director Client Services, SevenStep (more info) and in conversation with: CBA’s Head of End User Technology – Julian Doyle; Lend Lease’s COVID-19 Project Manager & HSQE&S – Kirsty Baxter; and IRESS’ Chief Executive Officer – Andrew Walsh.

Security & Risk

Series 01 – Episode 04

Listen: Podcast-Ride#1 (Tayler Wiles)
Listen: Podcast-Ride#2 (Pete Jacobs)
Listen: Full conversation not available

Week four, final of Series 01, we asked: How do you stay safe and secure during crazy COVID-19?
Facilitated by: Scott Deacon – Senior Director, FireEyeand in conversation with: Woolworths’ Chief Information Security Officer – Pieter van de Merwe, and AMP’s Group Head of Cyber Security & Digital Protection – Elrich Engel.


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