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How to be with 'the bunch' on Zwift and Zoom...

You can ride (anywhere) and use Zoom audio only to hear the bunch. If you have Zwift remember to also join the Zoom call to hear and see the ‘real’ bunch.

Join the rides, conversation session and calls earlier, to make sure your technology (video/audio) works.

For members who DON’T have Zwift:

  • Sessions are on Zoom so you see, hear and talk with team while riding on your trainer/spin bike.
  • Session is based on time and % of perceived maximum effort, so no on-screen data needed.

If the ride format is a Zwift Meet-Up: you will need to be following ‘Cycling Execs’ (just search for execs)in the Zwift Companion App in order to be invited to the ride. Once invited you must ‘accept’ the invite, in order to join the ride. Don’t be late, otherwise you won’t be able to join after the start time.

If the ride format is a Zwift Private Ride: you will need to join the ride ahead of time. Check out our short video: How to join ICE Zwift private ride and/or the following steps:

  • Download the Zwift Companion App: (Apple | Android).
  • Click on the private Zwift link/s: (supplied above) on your mobile/ipad. It will open in the Companion App.
  • Click on the plus (+) sign to save it to your calendar or set reminder.
  • Shortly before ride begins, it will ask you to join.
  • Join the Zoom ride

The ICE Zwift Private Ride works a little differently to a meet-up. Unlike a Zwift ‘Meet-up’ you can still join even if you are running late. If you do join late, and can’t see the bunch ahead, we suggest you start riding and then u-turn so that when you do see the bunch ‘across the road’, you can u-turn again to be with the bunch.

If on Zwift and riding at your own tempo, being on the Zoom call helps to keep you ‘part of the bunch’.


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