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Discounts and benefits from our friends and partners, just for you. We’re excited to bring you the brands we love: BikeBug, SCICON, Henty and FineWineCo. We’ll also be rolling out exclusive member specials and bringing more new brands to you.


Since Wattbike started work on their pioneering indoor power trainer in 2000 they’ve been obsessed. Obsessed with perfectly replicating the sensation of riding on the road.

Wattbike is offering ICE members a great deal on the Wattbike NUCLEUS which normally retails for $6,999. Until 30/09/2020, the price for ICE MEMBERS  is $5,399 including GST and delivery!

To redeem this offer visit and use the code NucleusICE.

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Take the guesswork out of high performance nutrition. This isn’t about scales, rules and fad diets. Compeat is about how best to travel the path to lasting wellbeing.

Up until now, high performance nutrition support was only available to a few elite athletes. The Compeat platform is enabling a revolution in nutrition and wellbeing support. Compeat enables customised, expert advice to be accessible outside of the traditional consultation model, supporting sustained performance over time and allowing you to take control of your wellbeing.

ICE has partnered with Compeat to give you easy access to this nutrition support,  offering the first month free on a three month plan.

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When was the last time you struggled to transport your clothes for a flight or your commute to work? ICE members can enjoy Henty’s ‘Carry Clever’ stylish solutions with 15% off purchases.

To get your discount enter ICEmemberXXX where XXX is your member number. If you can’t recall your member number shoot us an email.

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SCICON ensures safe, stylish and stress-free travel for cyclists, mountain bikers and tri-athletes leading active lifestyles. Shop for luggage, bike bags or sunglasses.

ICE members enjoy 40% off on purchases. To get your discount enter code ICEMEMBERS at checkout.

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Premium wine for premium palettes, shop world-class selections from hundreds of wines across the world plus Plumm glassware at ICE member rates. offers ICE members 15% off standard prices.  Go to FineWineco to sign up for an account. To get your discount enter FWCCORP at checkout.

Go to FineWineCo.


We work out of WOTSO to soak in the energy of collaboration and to take advantage of a quiet place to think when working from home can get too much.

WOTSO is offering ICE members 50% off your first month when you become a member of the WOTSO community. Fill in the contact form and mention you’re an ICE member when your local hub reaches out.

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Our apparel partners have been quick to act to changing demands and are offering ICE members discounts on their face masks. Enter the discount code ICEMASKUP and you’ll get a 10% discount at checkout.

Corporate offers for larger mask or kit orders coming soon.

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