Common questions about ICE, answered here!

What’s the difference between traditional business networking and ICE?

ICE connects senior business leaders via a shared interest in cycling. Unlike traditional networking forums, relationships develop via ICE easily and naturally over a shared interest first, then allowing business to flourish – authentically. We don’t replace other business forums, we compliment them, however we don’t ask for more of your time (that you don’t have!) simply that you leverage your healthy activity, like cycling, to connect with other business leaders. It’s networking done differently!

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What if I’m new to cycling? Will that stop me from becoming an ICE member?

Not at all! Our events are designed for various cycling skill levels and speeds: from social spins to serious rides. We have a healthy blend of ‘on-the-bike’, ‘off-the-bike’ and ‘virtual ride’ events, so you’ll feel at home and never bored! We are even trialling other healthy activities, such as running within our core event program.

What’s the difference between ICE EXEC and ICE PRO?

The community consists of two streams: ICE EXEC and ICE PRO. ICE EXEC is the foundation of why ICE was created, a community of C Suite business leaders from very large organisations who connect over a shared interest in healthy activities. We have now evolved, after much demand, to offer ICE PRO for senior leaders/managers and emerging leaders from smaller operations. Events run for both streams and there is an opportunity to cross pollinate via a limited number of combined events.

What happens if my professional profile changes after I’ve become a member?

Nothing stays the same and you can’t grow without change! We get that. Your Member Portal is where you can keep your profile and contact details up to date. If life changes, we roll with that and re-assess which ICE stream (EXEC or PRO) suits you best at your membership anniversary. Staying connected during times of change is the best tip we can give you!

Can my company be involved in ICE?

Yes! A limited number of corporate partnerships are crafted to benefit and grow our ICE ecosystem. ICE Corporate Partners leverage a continuous platform (digital and face to face) and utilise story telling to share their business capabilities. Partnership enables access to a suite of tactical and strategic connection opportunities, providing deeper and sustainable relationship development, which in turn leads to healthy business. Contact us for more information.


Where is ICE active?

ICE has members around the world. Active hubs with a full event program are currently Australia (Sydney, Melbourne); Singapore, Hong Kong and London. Bespoke and member driven events exist in other locations (e.g. Tour Down Under in Adelaide) and we are planning to roll out more offical active hubs.

If I’m living outside of an ICE active hub, which membership should I choose?

Once your application assessment is successful and we have determined which stream – ICE EXEC or ICE PRO suits you best, your Member Portal will show active hub membership and out of area membership options. Out of area membership allows you digital access and some member perks without the cost of events you can’t attend.

What does it cost to be an ICE member?

There are a range of membership options and costs depending on which ICE stream suits you best (EXEC or PRO), which active hub works for you, how many events you would like to attend and connections you want access to. Once you have received a successful application assessment, options and plan pricing will be available on the Member Portal.

What member perks does ICE membership offer?

The brands we are partnering with are ones that we use and like. Up to 20% off brands like SCICON, BELLROY, HENTY, KASK, SWIFT CARBON and more is our ‘icing’ to you, in addition to access to a community of senior business and thought leaders. It’s a highly coveted membership.

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