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Membership Streams

ICE now has two membership streams: EXEC and PRO.

ICE EXEC is our founding stream, what the community is known for: C-Suite executives from large organisations. After much demand, ICE PRO was created for emerging leaders and senior leaders of smaller operations.


To be eligible for ICE membership you need to formally apply, with assessment carried out by our membership team. Criteria is based on your professional profile, organisation’s size, and additional factors that help determine if ICE EXEC or ICE PRO will serve you best.

Unlike traditional networking forums, ICE is not a sales channel, however we don’t want to exclude senior sales or professional services leaders who align to our “tell-not sell” ethos and are thought leaders within their industries. There are a limited number of business memberships made available and your application assessment will determine eligibility.

Once your application is successful, you will be invited to our member portal where you can choose membership options, unlock perks, member directories, see a calendar of events, register for ICE Exec, ICE Pro and other events, download the ICE App, finalise payment and allow us to officially welcome you to ICE!

ICE Exec Criteria

ICE EXEC will serve you best if you are on the executive leadership team at a company of 500 people and above OR

  • First report to Exec leadership team at company of 1,500 people and above.
  • CEO of a company smaller in size but with a gross revenue of over $50 million.
  • Chairman or CEO of a professional services company of over 1,500 people.


  • Influential in business decisions that affect high level company strategy.

Discretionary criteria is that you are influential in business decisions and/or control large discretionary budget and/or have over 100 direct reports.

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ICE Pro Criteria

ICE PRO will serve you best if you are:

  • On an Executive leadership Team at a company under 500 people.
  • Second report at a company of 100-1,500 people.
  • Head of department at a company of 100-1,500 people.
  • In a management role.
  • An Emerging Leader.

I get it and want to apply!

More questions?

Check out our FAQs, where we’ve answered questions often asked about membership, the difference between streams, whether you need to be a ‘serious’ cyclist or not and more.

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